City Hospital in Sobótka and its extraordinary manager – Lt. Aleksandra Kryszkiewicz “Wanda”, MD (1907–1991)
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Pododdział Okulistyki, 105. Kresowy Szpital Wojskowy z Przychodnią SPZOZ w Żarach; kierownik: dr n. med. Krzysztof Kopociński
Submission date: 2019-03-19
Publication date: 2019-09-06
LW 2019;97(4):366-372
Sobótka is a small town in Dolnośląskie Voivodeship, Poland. In the first years following the end of World War II, Aleksandra Kryszkiewicz (1907–1991) was the manager and main organizer of the City Hospital in Sobótka. She was a physician and officer of the First Polish Army, a soldier of the Home Army, who participated in the battle of Kołobrzeg in 1945. Kryszkiewicz was born in Mława on October 29, 1907 to Bronisław Grzeliński and Leokadia nee Drecka. In 1939, she got her degree at the Faculty of Medicine, in the University of Warsaw. During the German occupation, initially she was the Head of Medical Services of the underground organization called “Grunwald”, then she served in the Union of Armed Struggle, and from 1942, in the Home Army. In 1944, she was mobilized to the First Polish Army, in the rank of lieutenant she was the senior consultant of the 16th Field Mobile Surgical Hospital. In March 1945, she took part in the famous battle of Kołobrzeg. After the World War II, she stayed in Sobótka, where in the years 1946–1951 she was a pillar of the establishment and development of the City Hospital, as well as other health care facilities in this region. Lieutenant Aleksandra Kryszkiewicz died on July 11, 1991 and was buried in the Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw.
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