Principles of publication ethics

Principles of publication ethics applied in the journal ‘Lekarz Wojskowy’ (‘Military Physician‘)

1. The journal ‘Lekarz Wojskowy’ applies principles of publication ethics aimed at preventing unfair publication practices.

2. Materials submitted to the editorial board of ‘Lekarz Wojskowy’ for publication are reviewed for compliance with the principles of publication ethics described in the following documents:
1) the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the ‘Code of Ethics for a Scientific Employee’ (developed by the Commission on Ethics
in Science, second edition, PAN, Warsaw 2017);
2) ‘Good practices in review procedures in science’ (developed by the Team for Ethics in Science, which advised the Minister of Science and Higher Education in 2009–2010);
3) ‘Reliability in scientific research and respect for intellectual property’ (Warsaw, 2012, Ministry of Science and Higher Education).

3. The editorial board of ‘Lekarz Wojskowy’ in particular:
1) counteracts the phenomena of ghostwriting and guest authorship, which are manifestations of scientific unreliability;
2) observes the provisions of copyright law in accordance with the Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws of 2021, item 1062, as amended);
3) exercises due diligence to prevent plagiarism and self-plagiarism through the use of the Crossref Similarity Check anti-plagiarism system using the iThenticate software;
4) has the right to withdraw a text (even after publication) if there is evidence of unreliability of research results and/or falsification of data and/or the work shows signs of plagiarism or breaches the rules of publishing ethics;
5) as soon as it discovers unfair practices, it is obliged to:
a) refer the matter to the Disciplinary Ombudsman of the WIM, if it concerns the work of a researcher;
b) in justified cases, immediately inform the relevant scientific institutions, as well as the appropriate law enforcement authorities about these practices.
6) ensure a professional publishing process;
7) ensure confidentiality and security of personal data processing in accordance with applicable regulations (including GDPR).
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