Brig. Gen. Mieczysław Kowalski, MD (1894–1986) – his life and achievements
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Klinika Psychiatrii, Stresu Bojowego i Psychotraumatologii CSK MON WIM w Warszawie; kierownik: płk dr n. med. Radosław Tworus
Submission date: 2018-10-11
Publication date: 2018-12-10
LW 2019;97(1):82-88
Brigadier General Mieczysław Kowalski, MD (1894–1986), a participant of the Polish‑Ukrainian war of 1918–1919, the Polish‑Soviet war of 1920, and the September Campaign of 1939 and the Lusatia Operation of 1945 of the Second World War; decorated with the Cross of Valor (1919) and the War Order of Virtuti Militari – V Class (1939). During the German occupation BG Kowalski worked as a physician in the Warsaw Ghetto (1941–1943). He was imprisoned by the Gestapo as a hostage in the Pawiak prison (1942). Having escaped from the Warsaw Ghetto (1943), Kowalski was in hiding. During his military service (1918–1939 and 1945–1963) he went through all phases of a military physician’s career – from the position of an armoured train doctor’s assistant up to the Chief of Medical Service of Polish Armed Forces (1958–1963).General Kowalski was one of the most distinguished organizers and chiefs of the medical service in the Armed Forces of Poland. He was a co‑founder of the Military Academy of Medicine in Łódź, the Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Warsaw, the blood service and the blood donors movement, as well as the psychological and psychiatric service in the armed forces. Kowalski was an active member of the Polish Red Cross organization since 1927. He was also a translator of books on military medicine and ethology from Russian, German and French. He wrote memoirs “My Commanders, 1918–1963”.
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