Medical aspects of threat of radiation sickness in Poland
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Katedra i Klinika Hematologii, Onkologii i Chorób Wewnętrznych WUM w Warszawie; kierownik: prof. dr hab. med. Grzegorz W. Basak
Submission date: 2019-09-11
Publication date: 2019-12-13
LW 2020;98(1):36-41
Probability of radiation sickness to occur in Poland is very small as Poland has a limited number of its own sources of ionizing radiation and because a threat of terrorist attack with radioactive material, or a threat of a nuclear war is very low. We cannot, however, exclude its possibility. Poland with over 20 bone marrow transplant centers can manage even a relatively large‑scale radiation accident. As in preparation for a bone marrow transplantation total body irradiation is routinely used, a personnel of such centers is prepared to take care of irradiated persons. However, in case of a nuclear bomb attack, when numbers of victims could amount to thousands, the possibilities would be quite limited. It should be stressed however, that, in such case the problem would more pertain to society, organization and psychology than be limited to medical aspects. From the medical point of view, it will concern a mass scale introduction of basic principles of care of people with hematopoietic system injuries and provision of end of life care to people with other syndromes of radiation poisoning, whose life could not be saved.
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