Płk dr Marx (Marks) Mieczysław (1879-1953) – doctor, firefighter, social worker
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Biuro Edukacji Narodowej, Instytut Pamięci Narodowej KŚZpNP Oddział w Łodzi, Polska
Submission date: 2022-02-07
Final revision date: 2022-06-20
Acceptance date: 2022-06-20
Publication date: 2022-10-12
Corresponding author
Aleksandra Rybińska-Bielecka   

Biuro Edukacji Narodowej, Instytut Pamięci Narodowej KŚZpNP Oddział w Łodzi, ul. E. Orzeszkowej 31/35, 91-479, Łódź, Polska
LW 2022;100(3):195-199
The subject of the publication is the figure of an outstanding, forgotten doctor – Mieczyslaw Marx (Marks). During the research, the author tried to recreate the biography as accurately as possible by conducting an in-depth search in the Central Military Archives of the Military Historical Office and the State Archives in Lodz. The colonel’s family also provided a lot of valuable information and photographic documentation. The article presents the fate of colonel Mieczyslaw Marx (Marks) from his birth in Brzesc nad Bugiem (November 29, 1989), through the period of education and studies, successively during World War I, to the interwar period and after 1945. The figure of Col. Mieczyslaw Marx (Marks) is important to the city of Lodz – it was with her that he was associated for most of his life. He held important military positions in the Corps District No. IV in Lodz – From June 18, 1930 he was the Sanitary Chief at the Corps District No. IV in Lodz. In addition to performing medical and military functions, he was also affiliated with the fire department. From January 1936, he was the commander of the Volunteer Fire Department in Łódź. His fate during the Second World War is less known, but it is known that he stayed in Warsaw and during the Warsaw Uprising he looked after the wounded and sick in a hospital in Milanowek. In October 1944 he moved to Radom. After the war, he returned to Lodz.
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