Hospital No. 1 “Technika” and its head of ophthalmology during the Defense of Lviv on November, 1–22, 1918
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Pododdział Okulistyczny 105. Kresowego Szpitala Wojskowego z Przychodnią: kierownik dr n. med. Krzysztof Kopociński
Submission date: 2018-08-08
Publication date: 2018-09-17
LW 2018;96(4):384-392
The Defense of Lviv is one of the most important episodes in Polish history. From 1st to 22nd November 1918, civilian population of the city (mostly middle school and university students) fought against Ukrainian soldiers of Dmytro Wytowsky who made a coup d’etat. Polish health service was acting based on two main hospitals: Hospital No. 1 “Technika” and Hospital No. 2 “Dw jka”. The commandant of Hospital No. 1 was Adam Ferdynand Czyżewicz, PhD (1887–1962), and since November 11, 1918, lieutenant Aleksander Domaszewicz, PhD (1887–1948). Lieutenant Kazimierz Listowski (1892–1922) served as the commandant for administrative and military affairs. The head of the ophthalmology ward was lieutenant Juliusz W. S. Drak, PhD (1888–1966), assistant at the Ophthalmological Hospital of the Lviv University, and a student of Professor Emanuel Machek. An excellent Lviv ophthalmologist Juliusz Drak defended Lviv again in September 1939, this time against German troops. After 1945, he moved to Wroclaw. He died on August 17, 1966 and was buried in the Osobowicki Cemetery.
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