Prevention of Mental Diseases at the Corps Level
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Mjr dr Komendant 342. Zespołu Psychiatrycznego 2. Korpusu Polskiego we Włoszech
Publication date: 2021-12-13
Corresponding author
Konstanty Świder
LW 2021;99(4):199-209
Paper delivered on December 19, 1945 at the Conference of Polish Military Physicians in Bologna [1,2]. The subject of the paper is prophylaxis of mental disorders in the 2nd Polish Corps in Italy, from the end of the war (May 1945) till the evacuation of the Corps to the United Kingdom (autumn 1946). Both organisation of the psychiatric support and preventive procedure rules for the most frequent forms of psychiatric and behaviour disorders are presented in the unique environment of the post‑war disarray, unclear political situation and uncertainty of the soldiers’ personal future. The role of the Centre for the Exhausted, forms of therapy, as well as non‑medical preventive strategies designed to reduce referrals to the psychiatric hospitals, evacuations to the rear and discharges from the armed forces are described. The paper, published in 1946 in the “Conference Proceedings” that was not widely available, fills the gap in knowledge on psychiatric prophylaxis in the Polish Armed Forces in the West and evokes doctor Konstanty Świder (1908–1965), a meritorious military psychiatrist, forgotten in the post‑war Poland. Both the original terminology and spelling were maintained in the reprint of the paper.
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