Reception of live classical music by patients of military psychiatric ward
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Klinika Psychiatrii, Stresu Bojowego i Psychotraumatologii CSK MON WIM w Warszawie; kierownik: płk dr n. med. Radosław Tworus
Submission date: 2018-09-12
Publication date: 2018-12-10
LW 2019;97(1):15-18
While searching for new forms of activation of patients of the military psychiatric ward, periodic concerts of classical music were arranged for in collaboration with the administration of an elementary music school. The goal of the paper was to examine impression made by live classical music in patients of the therapeutic‑and‑rehabilitation part of the ward. Method and results. After the concerts the patients were requested to fill a 4‑question survey form on their status, feelings, reflections and suggestions referring to listening to the music. 53 patients (79.9% of the total number of the concert audience) responded to the survey. All respondents – both service members and civilians – unanimously accepted that form of the afternoon activity. They stated that the music had had a relaxing effect on them, cheering them up, and provoking reflection and spurring into action. The patients emphasized the power of music performed by the young artists and favoring, or even elevating for the audience, nature of the live concerts at the hospital. Conclusions. (1) Classical music concerts performed by students of the elementary music school are warmly appreciated by service members and civilian patients of the military hospital. (2) The positive reception of classical music concerts at the hospital promotes listening to that kind of music as a medium supporting the medical treatment.
No conflicts of interest were declared.
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