”The Miraculous Rescue” – Dubno, September 27, 1939
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Publication date: 2021-12-13
Corresponding author
Dalibor Marcin Malinowski
LW 2021;99(3):132-139
The paper presents so far publicly unknown circumstances of releasing a group of 20 Polish military physicians including 3 career officers by the Soviet authorities of the Dubno garrison. These physicians were captured as prisoners of war by the Soviet forces after the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland on September 17, 1939. One of the released physicians was Lt. Col. Adolf Malinowski, MD (1891–1962), the scientific head of the Psychiatric Ward of the CWSan School Hospital in Warsaw, mobilized on September 1, 1939 with assignment to the position of the commander of the 91st Advanced Evacuation Hospital in Brest‑on‑the‑Bug. The presentation is based on a written report of this officer‑physician (privately the author’s grandfather) on his participation in the defensive war of 1939, a story told by his wife Wacława Malinowska nee Tyszkiewicz (1901–1976), a nurse in this hospital, and memories of Adolf Władysław Malinowski (1926–1990) – the author’s father, who as a boy of 13 at that time was with his parents. The causative role played in that wartime episode by Wacława Malinowska was described. The author (born in 1956), who is the last living witness of the stories told by participants of that ”miraculous rescue” from September 27, 1939 in Dubno supported his testimony with original documents from the family archive.
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