Col. Adolf Malinowski (1891–1962) MD, PhD, the meritorious Polish military and forensic psychiatrist
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Klinika Psychiatrii, Stresu Bojowego i Psychotraumatologii CSK MON WIM w Warszawie; kierownik: płk dr n. med. Radosław Tworus
Publication date: 2021-12-13
Corresponding author
Stanisław Ilnicki
LW 2021;99(3):140-154
The paper describes the life and achievements of Col. Adolf Malinowski MD, PhD (1891–1962) in the area of military and forensic psychiatry. Doctor Malinowski’s ancestry, school years and studies at the Imperial Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg (1910–1914), his service as a regimental physician in the Russian Army during WW 1 (1914–1918) and then in the Polish I Corps (1918) as well as his civilian career after demobilisation (1918–1920) are discussed. The work describes Dr. Malinowski’s service in the Polish Armed Forces: during the Polish‑Soviet War of 1920, his work in the Vilnius Fortified Area Hospital (1922–1934), the CWSan School Hospital in Warsaw (1934–1939) and during the defensive war of 1939. His work in the Ujazdowski Hospital during the German occupation of Poland (1939–1944) and during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 was presented. Also Col. Malinowski’s military service after WW 2 is described as well as his scientific and lecturer’s work in the Psychiatry Teaching Hospital of the Gdansk Academy of Medicine (1947–1954) after his discharge from the service. A list of his scientific works and selected excerpts from them are presented. The paper also quotes opinions of his superiors, collaborators and colleagues that characterize Dr. Malinowski as a person, and his ethos as a physician and officer of the Polish Armed Forces.
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