CDR Stanley W. Raczek, MC US Navy – Initiator of Polish‑American Partnership in Military Psychiatry, 1993–2008
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Klinika Psychiatrii, Stresu Bojowego i Psychotraumatologii CSK MON WIM w Warszawie; kierownik: płk dr n. med. Radosław Tworus
Submission date: 2021-03-05
Publication date: 2021-03-30
Corresponding author
Stanisław Ilnicki
LW 2021;99(2):86-92
The paper presents Stanley W. Raczek, MD, an American psychiatrist of Polish origin, Commander in U S Navy, and his merits in establishing cooperation between Polish and American military psychiatrists. Dr. Raczek’s life history, his studying and work in Poland, circumstances of his emigration to the USA, phases of assimilation in the United States and, finally, his service in the medical corpse of the US Navy are described. CDR Raczek’s contribution to organization of three Polish‑American scientific and educational conferences: in Warsaw and Krakow (1998), in San Diego (1999) and again in Warsaw and Krakow (2001) is discussed. During the last conference held in Warsaw, Letters of Intent on partnership between the Central Clinical Hospital of the Warsaw Military Academy of Medicine and the US Navy Medical Center in San Diego were signed. The significant role played by dr. Raczek in building the effective cooperation between the Virtual Reality Medical Center of San Diego and the Warsaw Military Medical Institute in the therapy of PTSD enhanced with the VR technology is also presented. Dr. Raczek’s various activity among the Polish community organizations, aimed at building close relations with his motherland is characterized. Futhermore, information on high‑rank medals he was awarded for that activity and data on his next of kin is presented.
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