Acceptance of the disease and ways of coping with difficulties by chronically ill people
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Klinika Chorób Wewnętrznych i Hematologii CSK MON WIM w Warszawie; kierownik: prof. dr hab. n. med. Piotr Rzepecki
Wydział Nauki i Działalności Badawczo‑Wydawniczej WIM w Warszawie; kierownik: mgr Ewelina Kowal
Submission date: 2018-03-21
Publication date: 2018-06-25
LW 2018;96(3):201-205
Health has a variable value. In a situation of its threat, especially due to a serious illness, people usually make a definite change in their hierarchy of values. Then, people initiate their own personal resources which make it possible to re‑evaluate their life goals to those that are possible to be implemented in the conditions changed by the illness and will make their life acceptable again. People cope with a chronic disease in different ways. Some cope with it in an active, others in a contemplative way. Some plan strategically others deal with it by prevention. Some look for information support, others for emotionalone. Last but not least, there are also those who deal with it by avoiding or postponing the activity in such difficult circumstances for later. Choosing the right way to cope with the disease may be decisive not only for going through the disease and coping with its consequences, but also decides, despite the limitations caused by the disease, about the satisfaction of one’s life. The aim of the presented studies is to answer the questions about the most frequent ways patients deal with difficulties related to going through a chronic disease, their possible variability in time, and their relation to the assessment of satisfaction with their own lives.
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