Refractive change following glaucoma surgery combined with cataract. Comparison of penetrating and nonpenetrating procedures
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Klinika Okulistyki CSK MON WIM w Warszawie; kierownik: prof. dr hab. med. Marek Rękas
Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny, Studenckie Koło Naukowe przy Klinice Okulistyki CSK MON WIM; opiekun koła: lek. Anna Byszewska
Submission date: 2017-01-02
Publication date: 2017-05-22
LW 2017;95(3):270-275
The aim of the study. Refractive changes analysis with assessment of astigmatism following penetrating (trabeculectomy, iridenclesis) and non‑penetrating (nonpenetrating deep sclerectomy) glaucoma surgery. Material and methods. A prospective study involved 37 patients (37 eyes), of whom 21 underwent penetrating glaucoma procedure and 16 nonpenetrating. Before the surgery and 6 months postoperatively, autorefractometry data was collected and analyzed. Arithmetical mean of astigmatism, spheroequivalent, mean astigmatism in form of centroid, shift of astigmatism (with the rule – WTR, against the rule – ATR, oblique), and surgically induced astigmatism (SIA) were calculated. Results. Arithmetic mean of astigmatism before surgery for penetrating procedures was 0.84 ±0.51D and 0.98 ±0.73D for nonpenetrating ones. Six months postop it was 0.98 ±0.73D and 1.07 ±0.72D, respectively. Centroid for penetrating surgery at day 0 was 0.13 D ax 150,8° and after 6 months 0.32 D ax 3°. Preoperatively it was oblique and postoperatively it shifted into ATR direction. In nonpenetrating procedures, centroid was 0.21D ax 56.6° and 0.4D ax 64.8° after surgery. It was directed ATR pre and postop. SIA at 6 months was 1.24 ±0.74D for penetrating and 1.22 ±0.95D for nonpenetrating. No differences between the groups was shown for SIA (p=0.641). Conclusions. No differences were reported in SIA and refrective changes (in form of arithmetic mean of cylinder and spheroequivalent) in individual groups, and between them pre and postop. Both procedures shift the astigmatism in ATR direction.
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